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Opposition Dialogue for Hungary elects Karácsony PM candidate

Opposition Dialogue for Hungary elects Karácsony PM candidate

Budapest, April 30 (MTI) – The opposition party Dialogue reelected Gergely Karácsony co-leader and candidate for prime minister at a congress on Sunday.

The congress also reelected Tímea Szabó as party co-leader.

Speaking at a press conference after the vote, Karácsony said it was “both good and bad news” that there are just twelve months until the next parliamentary elections in Hungary. Good news because the country has to “put up with the Orbán government” for only one more year, but bad news because the parties are not going after voters even though people are ready to vote.

Hungarian voters want to hear about the future and are looking for policy that addresses the future, Karácsony said, adding that Dialogue would cooperate with other parties that also make such a policy a priority.

Fina Aristic

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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  1. Vedo

    So riding the back of a party ends in oppositions forming regardless if the horse got you out the the river to safety. According to most of these oppositions, you should shoot the horse and expect to ride the public’s back next. Good plan! We’ll see how long before the oats run out and people are starving and homeless in even greater numbers and at the mercy of the EC liberals wanting to tear down the country. NOT!

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