Budapest (MTI) – The Orban government and its “political regime” can be replaced through democratic means, opposition leaders agreed at a roundtable discussion in Sarvar, in western Hungary, on Wednesday.

Gabor Vona of the radical nationalist Jobbik, LMP co-leader Andras Schiffer and Egyutt leader Viktor Szigetvari, however, disagreed over each other’s parties’ chances of coming to power and their abilities to govern. The party leaders also discussed their differing views on the European Union and its future.

Szigetvari proposed a moderate approach to politics, a joint candidate for prime minister and establishing an election party.

Vona stressed the importance of demonstrating strength and credibility, while Schiffer said the key to winning the upcoming election is focusing on how to renew Hungary.

On the topic of the EU and the migrant crisis, Vona said that if the government did not pursue the migration policies that it has, his party would be the most popular in Hungary. The Jobbik leader brought up the possibility of the EU’s disintegration.

Schiffer said that if Orban has a “belligerent attitude” towards migration, he should apply the same approach to the TTIP free trade agreement.

Szigetvari defended German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s migration policies, arguing that Hungary, with its population decline, would need “a few 10,000” migrants.

Photo: MTI


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