Referring to Human Rights Day to be marked on Monday, the opposition Párbeszéd party vowed to continue its protest against government measures outlawing sleeping rough.

The party’s co-leader, Tímea Szabó, told a press conference on Sunday that “there’s no reason to celebrate” Human Rights Day in Hungary.

She noted that Párbeszéd, for the fifth year in a row, has been providing support for homeless people instead of the state.

Every weekend between Dec. 10 and the start of spring, party activists distribute hundreds of portions of hot foods to the needy, Szabó noted.

The government, she said, has steadily dismantled the rule of law over the past nine years and driven millions of Hungarian people into a state of poverty. The government fails to help the needy and instead has introduced laws that put homeless people into prison, she insisted.

Source: MTI

  1. @ Párbeszéd party
    You ridiculous lot should be ashamed of yourselves for the stupid ignorant stance you place on people preaching your helping them when it’s all about your greedy bunch all along. You stupid bunch just slam anyone in hopes of gaining any kind of vote. You’ll sink in the abyss soon enough as your not intelligent enough to know when you have had you last stand.

  2. As always, Fidez, and Viktor Orban are doing the right thing.
    Please do not let beautiful Hungary become a filthy cesspool, like San Fransisco (run by “Liberals” , read wannabe communists).
    Fentanyl (opioid synthetic “heroin”) junkies shooting up drugs in public, and “homeless” bums defecating and urinating on the sidewalks of this once beautful proud, and vibrant city.
    Sado-maschist “gay pride” parading naked and flogging each other on the streets, and exhibiting the most degenerate behavior in front of “tourists” and young children.
    Sodom and Gomorha seemed pretty clean compared to this filth.
    I hope the same fate awaits those deviants.

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