Budapest, May 6 (MTI) – The European Commission plan to fine member states that refuse to take in migrants 250,000 euros per migrant is “outrageous”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told public radio on Friday.

orbán-2In his regular interview to Kossuth Radio, the PM said that each Hungarian has received around 4,000 euros in Brussels funding over the past seven years and 250,000 euros for an average Hungarian would amount to 39 years of earnings.

He said the proposal was a “kick in the stomach” and that it was hard to find civilized language with which to describe it.

Orbán accused the leaders of Brussels of sitting in an ivory tower. “They don’t recognise the reality and they have no idea what they’re talking about,” he added.

Referring to the commission’s “penalty” proposal, he said: “There has never been any stronger propaganda against the idea of the European Union.”

Commenting on the Brussels proposal regarding the automatic distribution of migrants between EU member states, Orbán said the “left wing pushing the measure” had always denied that the plan would be forced on member states, but now the commission itself had disclosed it.

“This is no game: they want to take away the right of Hungarians to say with whom we wish to live and with whom we don’t want to live …”

He called on Hungarians to line up against the Brussels plan, which he described as a “complete mistake”. The body is preoccupied with issues regarding refugees whereas “our problem does not concern the distribution of refugees but protecting the border.”

“This is no game: they want to take away the right of Hungarians to say with whom we wish to live and with whom we don’t want to live …”said the defence of the borders must be fortified and refugee centres must be built outside of the EU.

He said Hungarians have demonstrated the greatest solidarity in migrant affairs, only “I did not have the cheek to invoice Brussels for the registration costs if 175,000 migrants … the extra costs incurred by Hungarian police … and the costs of building a fence.”

“We acted in a European manner”, he added.

In central Europe, including in Hungary “we are in control of the situation … we do not go along and approve the disappearance of our cultural heritage overnight and there will be no parallel society developing here,” Orbán said.

He described the planned referendum on the mandatory migrant quotas as “clear, simple and comprehendible”. He added that he also had an “authorisation to say no” but his word was not worth as much as the word of “ten million Hungarians”.

“We are doing the whole referendum to stop Brussels”, he added.

Commenting on former NATO secretary-general Javier Solana’s remarks that were Hungary to apply for EU membership today it would be rejected, Orbán said “we know the former NATO secretary-general” and “he is an old communist”.

Photo: MTI


  1. Here we have the EU’s intentions in black and white that of a Stalinist super state either “You do as we say”, or the big stick comes out and we will fine you E250,000 euros for each immigrant you refuse to take in. As you say it’s “Blackmail”
    There are now only two options available 1) ballot for a EU referndum for the autumn in which the public can decide the issue, democratically Yes/No to accept migrants or leave the EU and set up a trade federation of similar minded ex member states.
    Do we now concede that this Union has failed us msirably.

    On a side issue-relevant UK mosques have issued an edict under we assume Sharia law giving husbands the right to refuse their women folk the right to wear trousers outside the home and the right to leave the home at all.

  2. I believe the Hungarian government was doing fine so long it kept migrants from reaching central Europe. The migrants did not respect laws, used the country as a garbage dump. The migrants just demanded more and more. When their wishes were not granted they went to the media crying. Austria was happy as long as no migrants dirtied its borders. Well Hungary had enough. Hungary did its bit by registering 175 thousand migrants, allowed another 75-100 thousand through its borders. The EU, particularly should just back off.

  3. I think it’s time the Europe woke up and realizes that much of the cheap labor force is central and east europe. If the west allows the EC to continue with this bullying, it’s clear that Europe will once again be divided as it was in the past but this time a power shift will also occur. This will leave the west with higher costs, unemployment, disappearing social system, rise in crimes from growing secular groups, and worst, disappearance of their identity and culture with a shell remaining of their past.

  4. From a Canadian based. It seem the electro.gremlins got my last comments! Modern life! Let me put this to you”The Eu commission has become a parasite upon the body populus”. its self perpertrating anti _democratic and largely self seeking. It ignores the most basic norms of societal rights..proof of that is the abject surrender to the despotic.paranoid Erdogan.the dictator of Turkey_who now considers himself the puppet master of Europe! If he suceeds in destroying the Kurdish po!itical HDP party and thus depriving the Kurds who voted for it any representation in the so_called parliment of Turkey { Erdogans plaything}_then those Kurds have a right to seek political asylum__which is Erdogans game__the
    re.establiment of the Ottoman empire and Merkal et al are too blinkered and stupid in their blinkered panic to see that__are they not ? The Visegrad group seem to be the guardians of Europe!

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