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The government will continue protecting Hungarian interests in 2021, the foreign minister said on Monday.

The year 2020 will certainly be mentioned in history books because of the coronavirus and its effects and the same applies to 2021 because the fight against the pandemic will continue, Péter Szijjártó told MTI.

“The government will continue protecting Hungarian national interests in this fight and will not yield to any pressure,” he said. Hungary continues to rely on various resources in the acquisition of vaccines and “we are there at every vaccine development that looks promising, regardless of whether it is west or east of us”, he added. The government will make every effort to ensure that any safe vaccine developed anywhere in the world is available to Hungarians without delay, he said.

“We will continue protecting ourselves against illegal migration both on the southern borders and in Brussels,” Szijjártó said.

In addition to the pandemic, illegal migration will most certainly be the most significant challenge this year, he said. Brussels will continue its migration-friendly policies and preparations must be made for another wave of migration pressure, he added.

Migration now carries not only cultural and security risks but also epidemiological ones, he said.

The Hungarian government will therefore continue making every effort against illegal migration, protecting the southern borders and the government’s position in Brussels, he said. Not a single illegal migrant will be allowed to enter Hungary and the cabinet will also make every effort to protect jobs, he added.

“We are currently competing for 78 investments by large companies and loans totalling more than 300 billion forints (EUR 830m) will be made available to Hungarian companies that try to tap the possibilities resulting from global economic and market changes,” he said.

“We know precisely well” that Hungary’s economy is export-oriented and the more Hungarian companies are able to export, the better the economy can perform,

Szijjártó said. For the economy to perform well, people need to be working and their health and work must be protected, he added.

As we wrote before, Hungary’s trade turnover with the East has increased by 25 percent since it introduced the policy ten years ago, and

last year, for the first time, Hungary received more investments from the East than from the West,

the minister said. Some 60 percent of Hungary’s foreign investments last year were made by Eastern companies, accounting for 40 percent of the new jobs created, he said. Read more HERE.

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Source: MTI

  1. Watch out for the east, my dear ancestral homeland. China has terrible human rights and wants to control the world. Our President Trump was doing a good job and we wanted him for 4 more years with his Christian values.

  2. Thanks for your hard work and dedication! It’s important to keep the country secluded by banning visas and strictly request the Huns to stay home it’s norm amazing four seasons; work to achieve.

  3. The agenda of the Hungarian Government, its growing relationship with China, needs to be questioned and investigated in the Political landscape of Hungary.
    Growing mounting agitation continues, that what is being witnessed is the “Sleeping Dragon” picking away, in a very thought through calculated Economic Investment Process – into the ” veins” – the major blood stream core components of Hungary.
    China – this economic strategy – we know there way – there style, the principles or “blue print” known globally, this model they repetitively use in Foreign Trade and Investment.
    China – if its not there way – its no way, and they negotiate – for the un-balanced larger slice of the pickings, when entering into Foreign Investment.
    China – likes the controlling power in Foreign Investment, that if conflicts or disagreements arise, the “Sleeping Dragon” can play the game ruthlessly and destructively breaking contractual Foreign Trade and Investment Agreements, and invest or trade in other countries, who are ready to accept the Chinese – Ideas and Philosophies associated with Foreign Trade and Investment.
    Australia – is a prime excellent example of China – there way or no way – you are wrong – we are right – and Australia – we China – never apologize.
    China – in recent years and it continues with upward momentum, have been granted “special privileges ” – especially noticeable in immigration, by the Hungarian Government, but in broader and wider “core” components of the Hungarian Economic and Investment landscape.
    The past (24) months is a prime example – the stand out clear and largest Investor into the Property Market in Budapest, Hungary – China – the people of and companies of.
    This upward trend of expansive growth and friendliness – peace and harmony – Hungary through “bending” to the Chinese way – they have the population numbers, they have the money – it should be seriously – Questioned and Opposed – as Hungary is dangerously exposing itself to the “woken” dragon that is hungry and seriously looking for new and bigger global country and market control.

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