Budapest, May 20 (MTI) – Hungarians and Poles rightfully deserve more respect from the current and former leaders of the United States, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in an interview to public radio on Friday.

He approved of the reaction to Bill Clinton’s comments by Polish PiS party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who urged Clinton to consult a doctor.

He said that Poland and Hungary, as well as the rest of central Europe, had received negative comments ever since the migrant crisis, and this was no accident. “Namely, we have to see behind the Democratic Party … George Soros,” he said, referring to the Hungarian-born American financier. Orban insisted that Soros had urged Europe to take in at least one million Muslims, while Hungary had blocked this US plan hatched by Soros.

Commenting on Bill Clinton, the former US president, Orbán said:

“The mouth is Clinton’s; the voice is George Soros’s”

He added that the power of the Hungarian opposition is well below the political influence of organisations financed by Soros.

He reiterated the position that Brussels treated Poles in a undeserved fashion and insulted them.

“No matter how much they think they are the big boys in Brussels, this battle against the Poles will never be won by Brussels,” he said.

Commenting on the quota referendum, he said a referendum is the only thing that Brussels cannot shake off. If the referendum in Hungary is successful, Brussels will back off, he added.

“The Hungarian government wants a democratic European Union whose internal relations, rules for everyday living, ethnic composition and culture are determined by Europeans and not an elite of bureaucrats in Brussels, who are acting in contrast to the wish of the European peoples,” he said. He insisted that uncontrolled immigration is not a human rights issue but a security issue.

“Nobody wants to hand over the keys of his home to strangers,” Orbán said. If Hungary allows forced settlements, Budapest and other Hungarian cities will be impossible to recognise within twenty or thirty years, he said.

Orbán also said the state of affairs is slowly emerging that Germany and central Europe together can be called the core of the EU since without the region the Union’s economy would not be growing from year to year but rather the opposite.

Discussing the continent’s demographic situation, Orbán said the question arises as to whether Europe wants to take part in the demographic contest or not. “Why should we grow our population at the same pace as other countries in the world?” He said Europe with its current population, or indeed a smaller one, is viable and sustainable.

He said it would be better were there more young people but this can only be achieved with family-oriented policies. “If we find economic tools [in Hungary] to ensure that families feel they can thrive with two, three, four or five children, then I think this can be undertaken . But don’t ask me to produce this result within a few years. For this we need a couple of parliamentary cycles,” the prime minister said.

Photo: MTI


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  1. I just want to say to the people of Hungary that us regular Americans are watching in horror at what’s going on in your country and in Europe as a whole pertaining to the forced acceptance of millions of violent immigrants into your countries, just as we are in horror at the same circumstances in America as our corrupt president and his government floods our country with Mexicans, Muslims and Africans. Our president does not speak for us and his governments actions and trespasses are his alone. We pray for the survival of traditional Europe and the rich history of its peoples.

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