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Oath-taking ceremony of border police officers held in Budapest – PHOTOS

Oath-taking ceremony of border police officers held in Budapest – PHOTOS

Hungary has been the first country to prove that “migration, so far believed to be uncontrollable, can be controlled, stopped, and reversed”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said today.

Orbán addressed the oath-taking ceremony of 1,206 border police officers in Budapest’s Heroes Square, and said that “we have also been the first to demonstrate that we will not be forced to accommodate people whose identities or intentions we do not know”. “We believe that the future of Europe is not planned in the centre of an empire but in the capitals of European nation states; in Warsaw, Paris, Berlin, and in Budapest, too,” Orbán insisted. Should it happen otherwise, he suggested, “impoverishment and subordination” would follow.

Making decisions concerning the future of Hungary must be up to Hungarians, Orbán said, and argued that if his government “had allowed to happen otherwise”, hundreds of thousands of migrants “would still be pouring through Hungary” and “anyone who declares themselves a refugee would still enter uncontrolled”.

Hungary, however, did what “commonsense and history dictated: it blocked the influx”; Hungary “did not wait for others or sought excuses, it did not shrink from criticism… but organised defence”, the prime minister said.


Addressing the new officers, Orbán said that it was not enough to organise border protection; it needed to be reinforced time after time and it had to be maintained day by day. Unless a country has border control and “brave border police” there will be “no welfare, security, order or development just uncertainty, fear, chaos, anger and trucks driving into the people,” Orbán said.

The ceremony was also attended by Interior Minister Sándor Pintér and Defence Minister István Simicskó.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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