Budapest, December 7 (MTI) – Hungary’s public procurement law contains the strictest regulations compared with all the equivalent laws in Europe, the prime minister said in parliament on Monday.

In prime minister’s questions, Viktor Orban said public procurements in Hungary are open and transparent, and the owners of companies must make sure information such as who has bid for a contract and who has won is clearly visible. The current system of regulations is sustainable and realistic since it stipulates that a person is answerable not only for his own actions but for those in his household.

Radical nationalist Jobbik lawmaker Janos Volner had asked the prime minister why it was that people close to him receive lucrative state and local government contracts.

Orban replied that Volner’s words were accusatory, and in the case of any concrete abuses he was free to turn to the relevant state bodies. He added that he did not get involved in business matters and he was accountable to the Hungarian people to make appropriate decisions in their interests.

Photo: MTI


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