Pécs, 2017. szeptember 1. Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök beszédet mond a Pécsi Tudományegyetem alapításának 650. évfordulóján rendezett ünnepségen a Kodály Központban a magyar felsõoktatás napján, 2017. szeptember 1-jén. MTI Fotó: Koszticsák Szilárd

In a letter to the European Commission president, Hungary’s prime minister has insisted that the commission president’s “interpretation of solidarity conforms neither to EU law nor the historical traditions of Hungary”.

“Unlike some other major EU member states, Hungary does not have a colonial past,” the PM said, adding that immigrant countries had obligations arising from their colonial past.

“Hungary is not an immigrant country and does not want to become one.”

In the letter released to MTI by Orbán’s press chief, Viktor Orbán wrote to Jean-Claude Juncker that he was pleased that the commission president, in his recent letter to Orbán, had recognised Hungary’s efforts to protect the European Union’s external border.

“Over the past two years, Hungary has been protecting the common borders by mobilising Hungarian resources, with a heavy budgetary burden, by building a fence and deploying thousands of border guards,” the letter said. “Hungary must always behave like a Schengen-border country, but for geographical reasons, migrants cross the borders of the EU of other EU member states, and this especially applies to Greece. It is for this reason that Hungary has not participated in projects that do not make this issue clear, and it does not want to do so in future either.”

He said Hungary could not accept being forced to change. “The interpretation of the principle of solidarity described in your letter is essentially nothing other than the demand that Hungary transform itself into an immigrant country against the will of Hungarian citizens. This is not solidarity in my view but force,” Orbán wrote in the German-language letter.

The PM said he was baffled by passages in Juncker’s letter that drew a connection between the issue of migration and cohesion funding. “Such a connection does not exist; neither is it allowed by European law.”

“The Hungarian government’s view is that much of the cohesion funding lands with the companies of countries paying into the fund, so the economies of large EU member states have profited greatly from cohesion spending. This is also true of the opening of the markets of new member states.”

Orbán also expressed his “astonishment and incomprehension” at reading that the commission was disinclined to accede to Hungary’s request for border control funding. “It is my conviction that whoever refuses to support the fence, cannot and does not want to protect the citizens of the European Union.”

“Wherever there are mass attempts to cross borders illegally, without physical obstacles it is impossible to defend them,” the letter said. “If instead of defending the borders the European Commission only willingly finances measures and institutions for receiving migrants, instead of halting migration, we would give new incentives to hundreds of thousands of planning to migrate to Europe.”

“This is why I’d like to repeat the Hungarian government’s request that the European Union pay half the cost of Hungarian measures, including the fence, aimed at protecting the common Schengen borders,” Orbán wrote, adding that the costs to the Hungarian taxpayer had amounted to 270 billion forints (EUR 883m) over the past two years.

“The fence and Hungarian border hunters protect not only Hungarian citizens but Austrian, German and other EU citizens, too,” the letter concluded.


Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

  1. If Hungary is in a bind because of the EU, take the compulsory number of refugees from countries that do not qualify for asylum and fly them home. The articles about the quota only stated that 1200 or so migrant must be moved from Italy and Greece. Two can play games its time for Hungary to protect its soverngty..

  2. Vedo to Juncker;
    Your drunkeness can no longer be tolerated. Much of Europe is not going to stand around while you allow it get robbed and raped with your stupid libtard fantasies. The V4 and a lot more countries have had enough of you and your non-elected commission of thuggery. Leave the self-governance to the nations that are only club members in this EU1, or face your demise and watch EU2 begin without a lot of you lost groups.

  3. This is a correct and fair answer to the comments of a whiskey lover who, by increasing the number of whisky consumptions, also reduces his brains. Supposed he has brains of course.
    The following article makes clear which way is followed by the UC and where we all will be the victims. Somewhere George Soros, better known as Györge Schwartz, will laugh because he already sees the $ characters!
    The EU dictatorship is here. European Court of Justice states that Brussels may allow force countries to accept so-called asylum seekers (in fact they are parasites plundering the funds that have been paid by hard working people.
    The 4th Reich has arrived.
    The end of an independent immigration policy has been set. Good news for europhile, politically oriented multiculturalists: The European Union may force Memberstates to include asylum seekers. That has determined the European Court of Justice. The court considers that the distribution of asylum-seekers (parasites) across the EU is a good way to help Greece and Italy to handle the migrant crisis. Slovakia and Hungary have gone to court because they find the EU quota policy ridicule. They determine by themselves who enter their countries from outside the EU. That is not what Brussels is all about. Of course, that is true, but unfortunately the whole European clique is dictatorial to the bone. If you go to the European Court of Justice, you already know that Brussels will be right. These are 2 hands on one stomach, though they are theoretically independent of each other.
    Best regards from Holland

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