The nuclear club includes nearly fifty countries and founded by US President Barack Obama eight years ago, at the beginning of his presidency said Hungarian Ambassador to Washington Réka Szemerkényi to InfoRadio.

More than 40 countries are invited to attend the summit from all parts of the world based on various criteria; from central Europe three or four countries are invited. The fact that Hungary is also among those invited makes me personally very proud, because it shows the international prestige of our country said Szemerkényi adding that those who are not security experts can’t truly assess the importance of this event.

The Ambassador stressed that the invitation of Hungary to the nuclear summit is a big deal.

“This group of countries have great influence in international affairs; to be a member of this club and attend its meetings means international prestige,” said Szemerkényi.

“The one and a half-day summit will be held at the end of March in Washington; all countries represented by their heads of state that President Barack Obama invited in a personal letter.

The summit will be one of the most important events in Washington besides the election campaign said Hungarian Ambassador to Washington Réka Szemerkényi.

translated by hungarianambiance.com

Source: inforadio.hu

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