Berlin (MTI) – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban welcomed the decision the German government announced on Sunday evening about introducing temporary controls on its border with Austria, according to an online report by German daily Bild.

“We have great understanding towards Germany’s decision and express our support,” he told the paper.

“We understand that the decision was needed to be taken in order to protect Germany’s and Europe’s [..] values,” Orban said, adding that Hungary “is ready to cooperate in all forms.”

Orban said he was convinced that the decision on temporary border controls in Germany was just “a first step,” because “Europe’s borders must be protected also in Greece as soon as possible,” through cooperation by all EU member states and institutions.

Hungary made this position clear at a recent meeting of EU interior ministers, the daily said.

Photo: MTI


  1. In the very beginning Germany started criticizing Hungary for policy to protect
    borders the same did Austria a view days ago. Nowadays both follow more or less
    the sameprotection- policy. Every sane person expects that bothwould apologize for their unjustified criticts.

  2. I know, even when reading the New York Times noticing that the Americans disprove of the policy to keep the “immigrants” out, never mentioning that they shut down the border with Mexico to keep people out even shooting at them…

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