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Orbán’s cabinet rejects Soros’s latest Brussels statements

Orbán’s cabinet rejects Soros’s latest Brussels statements

Remarks by US financier George Soros in Brussels on Thursday criticising Prime Minister Viktor Orbán are “unjust to Hungary” and “severely distort the truth”, the government office chief said on Thursday.

János Lázár noted that Soros had accused Hungary of being a mafia state, adding that he rejected this portrayal “in the name of all Hungarians”.

He said that it was not the Hungarian state that had broken the law in Hungary over the past few years but “the organisations financed by Soros”, which had failed to observe transparency or openness. He accused these organisations of behaving in a mafia-like way.

Lázár said that the government had sent its response to the European Commission in respect of the issue of the Central European University. He added that the commission’s questions were more of a political than a legal nature. He said the government would discuss CEU-related issues next week.


Photo: MTI

Source: MTI


  1. mar

    And Soros keeps on going to EU and saying derogatory things. It is time for this evil sub-human to stop pretending that he knows what is best for Hungary.

  2. VEDO

    I’m HUNGARIAN, ‘MAGYAR NOBLE’. I reject you using my name as part of ‘Hungarians’ to make any point you may have. Crawl under a rock where you belong and die !

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