Here are some cool places in Budapest where you can go grilling.

Hills and humps

The traditional options combined with big excursions can’t be left out from the list. There are classic places, which should be visited by Budapest dwellers at least once with a kettle, bacon and onions. You can take a sight on the popular Normafa, the Hármashatár Mountain with a beautiful panorama, the romantic Róka Mountain, the bit war-weary but lovely Nép Island or the pleasant Hajógyári Island. Nevertheless, if you plan on making fire in nature, make sure to follow the rules.

You can also find perfect places for grill around Budapest. For exemple, we love the Dunakeszi strand, which is not a proper strand, but there is a Danube and carefully you can go grilling there.

grill normafa

VaLyo – Gerilla Grill

This is a real communal grill, which’s use only depends on the Danube. The Gerilla Grill story starts with the VaLyo project, which stands for Város (City) and Folyó (River) Association. Their aim is to encourage people to use Danube, so they come up with exciting activities, like the grill installed on the Buda Coast made by BETON workshop Gerilla Kitchen.

grill valyo

Photos: NormafaPark

Copy editor: bm

Source: Daily News Hungary

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