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A young girl tried to ignite the Hungarian national flag above the entrance of the regional headquarter of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ) in the Black Eagle Palace. Fortunately, she was not successful because a young man intervened. Video below.

It was not the first time, but the police are sluggish

The RMDSZ district press bureau of Bihar county said that the Hungarian national flag was once again a victim of barbarous hands from Saturday to Sunday at the headquarters of Bihar county’s RMDSZ organisation in Nagyvárad, Black Eagle Palace. This time, they did not break or cut off the Hungarian flag, but somebody tried to light it – reported The man who intervened filmed with his phone what had happened and put it on youtube:

According to the regional RMDSZ bureau, they already reported the case to the local police on Monday who

started an investigation

based on the evidence they provided for them. Interestingly, RMDSZ reminded everyone that the flag was already damaged four times just in December. They reported each case to the police, and all of them were officially recognised. Since there are surveillance cameras in the whole passage of the palace, it is rather easy to identify those who committed the acts. However, according to RMDSZ, the police did not ask for the recordings and

have not caught any of the perpetrators yet.

They put the flags higher

RMDSZ added that the whole case is baffling because the flag of the RMDSZ, the EU and Romania are also displayed near the Hungarian one, so there is nothing that could be considered as provocative by anybody. They highlighted that they condemn all similar actions that harm peaceful cohabitation and aim to hinder the free use of national symbols.

Since the palace is under architectural heritage protection, RMDSZ cannot place their own surveillance camera on it. On Monday afternoon, with the help of an industrial mountaineer, they placed the flags higher where nobody can reach them – reported

Hungarian flag
They placed the flags higher.

The regional organisation of the Hungarian People’s Party of Transylvania (EMNP) also reported the case to the police. According to regional chairman István Csomortányi, local police said that they would start their investigation on January 3rd because of vandalism and fire-raising. However, according to the People’s Party, lighting the national flag of Hungary is not only vandalism but also an attack against the whole Hungarian community living in Transylvania. Therefore, they would like the police to start

an investigation because of a hate crime.



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