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Daily News Hungary

Over 100 people gathered on Saturday in Budapest’s Szabadság square to demonstrate against nationalism and for European unity.

Addressing the crowd carrying EU flags, journalist Ferenc Gerlóczy said that sister demonstrations were being held simultaneously in over forty European cities in 13 countries from Belarus to Portugal.

Standing up for democratic values and against nationalism is important in all of Europe but even more so in central Europe, Eszter Nagy of the Hungarian branch of the Union of European Federalists said.

For a relatively small country such as Hungary, a strong and united EU is the best way to represent its interests, she said.

Source: MTI

  1. Sorry Eszter, with only a 100 people turning up. It’s no wonder your kind of EU vision of dictating to countries on how it’s going to be doesn’t work or hold water. People when asked gave you answer, so did the elected majority ruling. Nobody gave you the right to decide on a continental erasure and change of Europe, so stop lying to the people! Your pretty much a criminal for doing so!

  2. Demonstrating for a characterless, 3rd-world European Union under Brussels, is no Substitute for a 1st-world, European Free Trade Association under Bratislava.

  3. Hungarians will not be deprived of their culture and heritage because George Soros minions want to destroy Christian Europe to help bring about their one world government. Cultural Marxism is working real well in The UK, Germany, Italy and elsewhere NOT.

    If Europeans truly want to help third world nations they would help them remain in their own homelands and help them by not meddling in their internal politics, Not bombing them back to the stone age until the west can install puppet rulers “Yes Men” to Washington and Brussells. Europeans could help them much more by helping them increase their education levels and help them become capable of manufacturing products and technology that will improve their own standard of living.

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