Budapest, September 28 (MTI) – Police have launched proceedings against more than 24,000 migrants who crossed illegally to Hungary over the weekend, it said on its website

Fully 23,591 people were apprehended on the Hungarian-Croatian border and 636 on the border with Serbia, police said. Five people were taken into custody for suspected forgery.

On Saturday and Sunday the Szeged District Prosecution brought 64 cases to court against migrants for illegal entry, a spokesman for the county prosecution office said. In 23 cases, suspects climbed through holes in the barrier fence that were already there and in 44 cases they entered by climbing under or over the fence, Ferenc Szanka told MTI on Monday. According to testimonies by the defendants, there were 32 Afghan nationals, 20 Iraqis, 5 Pakistanis, 4 Serbians one Kosovar and one Iranian national among them, he said.

Photo: Balazs Beli


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  1. These are ‘enemy combatents’. Where are all the suffering women and children?

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