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The best pálinka of the year has been chosen. The winner is the 2017 plum pálinka made by Tuzsér Pálinka Manufaktúra [Pálinka Manufactory from Tuzsér]. Have you tried it before?

The very best pálinkas of Hungary are awarded each year at the Pálinka Festival organised in Gyula. The best pálinkas get the so-called Brilliante prize.

The best pálinka of 2019 is the 2017 plum pálinka from Tuzséri Pálinka Manufaktúra [Pálinka Manufactory from Tuzsér].

Origo interviewed this year’s winner, owner of Tuzséri Pálinka Manufaktúra, János Komáromi. János told Origo that he “likes to know where they stand,” and they usually get confirmation at the different competitions.

“We make pálinka for joy, but these affirmations are of course significant to us.”

The Tuzsér Pálinka Manufactory is quite famous, they managed to win best pálinka of the year several times before, and they also won at Destillata last year, which is a renowned pálinka competition hosted in Austria. Their pálinkas are very successful at every competition they enter.

The people behind the manufactory do not make a living out of pálinka making; it is not a matter of livelihood for them. Therefore, they do not need to take any compromises in connection with their product. János emphasized that they really do this for fun, and he cannot imagine what they could achieve if they were doing this full time.

János thinks that many other pálinka makers are fighting to sell as many as possible, and this usually goes hand in hand with lessening the quality of the product. He prides himself in doing things differently.

“We do this our way. We do not sell in supermarkets, we are not present in the capital, we only sell our product in our region.”

The Tuzsér Pálinka Manufactury is constantly expanding and developing. They aim to create a unique experience for their guests which is much more than pálinka tasting. They want their guests to stay for a longer period. Therefore, they are currently building an outdoor pool. They also show the guests the apple trees, because Tuszér is well-known for its amazing apples, it is also called the home of the apples. The pálinka manufactory actually uses 10-15 different types of apples. They also show the guests each and every detail of how good pálinka is made to create a sophisticated and unforgettable experience.

Featured image: Facebook.com/pálinka.hu

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