Budapest, November 3 (MTI) – Lawmakers on Tuesday passed a resolution stating that the European Commission “has no legal ground” for implementing a system of mandatory migrant quotas.

The resolution, which says that the quota system violates the principle of subsidiarity, was adopted with 141 votes in favour, 27 against and 1 abstention.

The resolution stated that the implementation of the quota system would establish a “centralised procedure” that bypasses both the European Council and consultation with member states. The EC has failed to prove that the quota system would result in a more efficient handling of migrants or that it would offer any “added value” for the EU, it said.


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  1. So in the EC’s mind. If i decide to travel to EU from foreign country without any paperwork, by cutting the fence, throwing rocks at the countries police, instilling riotfull protests, throwing red cross donations back at volunteers, marching across EU countries, demanding coach services, better food, better health services, demanding to be registered in the country of my choosing, all the while also being invited under a misguided illusion. The EC totally underestimating the number of people and the steady flow of them. That now these unaccepted migrants by Germany, Sweden and other rich western countries have the right to send them back to the poor European countries that these ECONO Migrants rejected before and against the will of these countries. NOT!
    The West’s and EC’s total stupidity in this matter really belongs in the Guiness World book of Records. There is no other accomplishment or level of idiocy that can be exceeded in this event. Open your wallets west. If cost is an issue, i know of the IMF or better yet, an old guy by the name of SOROS, you probably know him. I sure he helped you set this up in the first place.

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