Within the framework of the Heineken Budapest Night Life Awards, anyone could give their virtual vote for the competitors to decide the winners of the 13 given categories.

As Hungarian news portal Szeretlekmagyarország describes, more than 200 clubs applied for this year’s competition, which received nearly 22,000 votes from the audience.

Both the event and the competitors highlighted the importance of audience feedback in the hospitality industry; and, of course, participants really appreciated having an evening with the focus being only on them, after the year-round rush.

This year’s award ceremony took place at last year’s 2nd best outdoor space – Pontoon – where Rozina Wossala and Gergely Papp, RTL’s presenter duo, announced the winners of the 13 categories.

The organisers tried to address a wider audience for the evening program, so, before the ceremony, there were concerts offered while the award gala finished off with the entertainment provided by DJ Kimitrak’s team.

Let’s see who were the best in 2019:

Category1st place2nd place3rd place
Best Party Organiser1. CS Company2. Next Level Budapest3. Black Trap
Best Budapest Festival1. Sziget Festival2. Belvárosi Festival3. Kolorádó Festival
Best Wine Bar1. Wine & U2. Kadarka3. Divino
Best Craft Beer Bar1. Rizmajer Craft Beer House2. Kandalló3. Neked csak Dezső
Best Outdoor Club1. Barba Negra2. Pontoon Budapest3. Fröccsterasz
Best Concert Venue1. Budapest Park2. Akvárium Klub3. A38
Best Pub1. Humbák Művek2. Stifler Bar3. Telep
Best Ruin Pub1. Anker’t2. Instant3. Szimpla Kert
Best Bar1. Humbák Klub X Aznap2. A Grund3. Yellow Budapest
Best Cocktail Bar1. PIÑA2. Hotsy Totsy3. Black Swan
Best Gay-Friendly Place1. Akvárium Klub2. Anker’t3. Édes Érzés
Best Small Club1. Aether2. Barhole3. Lärm
Best Big Club1. Akvárium2. Ötkert3. Premier Club

Special Awards

  • Heineken Special Award
  • Raiker Special Award




Humbák művek



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Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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