Zoltán Gerber and his love, Nóra, have started their enterprise in the summer of 2015 in Ireland. They decided to make the Hungarian lángos known and popular among the Irish, according to Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu.

Zoltán lived in Germany for 20 years, where he also dealt with catering by running a Hungarian restaurant with his parents. He felt in 2007 that he wanted change, so he accepted a job offer and moved to Ireland.

Nóra left Hungary in 2007 after receiving her degree in dietetics. She lived in England, then she moved to Ireland, getting a qualification as a nurse in the meantime.

The two youngsters met four years ago, and it became a love at first sight. At the beginning, they wanted to open a café, but it ended up as a lángos restaurant. Thought it was difficult to initiate an own enterprise, they kept on with their plan.



Zoltán came up with the idea one day that a lángos buffet would be a good solution. Nóra agreed immediately, so they began to search and purchased their first buffet trailer in an hour, which was named “Tiger”. They brought most of the equipment from home. A month later, Nora’s Lángos was opened.

The opening was successful, and though the Irish are said to be against novelties, the couple experienced that there is demand for their lángos. The returning guests are mostly middle-aged and older, who are more brave according to Zoltán.


Along with lángos, they also make other delicacies: sausages, roast meat, even kürtőskalács (Hungarian chimney cake) can be purchased at their place.


The most popular langos is the typical Hungarian one with cheese, sour cream, roast bacon and red onion.




Currently they have two shops in Dublin, but they are planning to open some more.

Photo: Facebook.com/NorasLangos

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Source: Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

  1. Funny to call these adults ‘youngsters’ as if though they are 5 to 10 years old. (after that they are pre-teens, then at 13 thery become teens; at 20 young-adutls….so on) But good on them at whatever age that they are willing to take risks to better their own lives. Food trucks are extremely popular in Nova Scotia Canada. At my workplace there are food trucks which cater at our large evening weddings, and also at our farm markets (piac) on Saturday mornings. In the village nearest to me (15 min. by car) where I can do basic grocery shopping and buy diesel for my car there is a fish & chip food truck and one which sells icecream cones etc. They are in a parking lot across from the post office and get good business on weekends when many people set up folding talbes and sell their un-needed belongings. Yard sales are also very popular here & in May we have a 100km one from village to vilage along a secondary hwy and all homes inbetween. And food trucks like to come out from the city (Halifax-Dartmouth) and take advantage of so many people moving around on that weekend who will naturally get hungry and thirsty.

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