Special events at the Hungarian National Gallery: Wine Wednesday with wines from Eger
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The weather in Hungary can get extremely hot in the summer. Therefore, it is essential to know your way around Hungarian drinks so that you can choose the ones that cool you down. Whether you are a wine lover, a fan of the Hungarian pálinka, or you do not really like alcohol, this list is for you.


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Fröccs is the perfect summer drink to help you cool down. Its perfection lies in its simplicity. Made from soda water and usually either white wine or rosé, it is a very refreshing drink. Since the soda water bottle was invented by Hungarian physicist Ányos Jedlik, Hungarians consider fröccs to be their own invention. Depending on the wine-to-water ratio, the drink has several different names. For instance, ‘nagyfröccs’ (big fröccs) is 2 decilitres of wine to 1 decilitre of water while ‘házmester’ (housemaster) is 3 decilitres of wine and 2 decilitres of water.

Hungarian wine

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It is a lesser-known fact that Hungary has 22 wine regions, despite being a small country in the heart of Central Europe. Therefore, it is only natural that Hungarian wines are also on this list. The sweet wines of Tokaj are famous worldwide, for example, and they are the perfect choice to sip on warm summer nights. The Tokji Aszú is especially well-known, and it has an interesting story attached to it. Legend says it that Emperor Franz Joseph sent Queen Elisabeth of England Tokaji aszú for her birthdays. He sent twelve bottles each year, one for every month she had lived. On her last birthday, the total number of bottles sent was an impressive 972 bottles.

Rubik’s Cube

Rubik Cube's koktél - Corso Bar

Nothing says Hungarian drink more than a cocktail with the famous Hungarian invention in the name, maybe even served in a glass shaped like said invention. Similarly to the Rubik’s cube itself, this cocktail’s simplicity is hidden in its complexity. The main ingredients of the drink are rum, orange liqueur, lime juice, and Falernum syrup. According to stories, the first person who tasted this cocktail called it ‘out of this world the best’ – what more encouragement do you need? 😉

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary - Corso Bar

This well-loved cocktail’s connection to Hungary is through its main ingredients. Vitamin C, which Hungarian biochemist Albert Szent-Györgyi discovered, is the fundamental ingredient of a Bloody Mary made with Absolut Vodka, Celery Pálinka, tomato juice, and a Spicy Mix of Vitamin C. This healthy mix of a vegetable concoction is truly the perfect choice to cool you down this summer. You do not even have to feel guilty about it – after all, vitamin C is good for you 😉

Soda water

soda szóda seltzer water

People tend to underestimate the simple pleasure of drinking a glass of water. However, proper hydration is crucial in the warm summer months. Soda water is the perfect solution, as it spices up your regular glass of tap water while also ensuring proper hydration. There is a distinction between soda water and mineral water: the former only contains carbon dioxide, without minerals, vitamins, or other ingredients. It is a good idea to drink it to wash down the alcoholic beverages listed above, or simply on its own.









Source: Daily News Hungary

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