Young pilgrims and their accompanying teachers gathered in Lakitelek to visit the main sites associated with Francis II Rákóczi’s life, reported.

The rout of the pilgrimage: Lakitelek-Budapest-Kassa-Borsi-Sárospatak-Ungvár-Munkács-Beregszász-Tarpa-Túristvándi-Miskolc-Budapest-Lakitelek.

Sándor Lezsák, the vice-president of the National Assembly, told MTI that the editors of the weekly newspaper Keresztény Élet (Christian Life) had launched a competition concerning the life of Francis II Rákóczi for schoolgirls and schoolboys studying in primary and secondary schools in the Carpathian Basin.

The vice-president explained that based on three written examination rounds, they invited student groups reaching the best results and their preparatory teachers to the semi-final held in Lakitelek in March 2015. The nine best performing groups together with their accompanying teachers received an invitation to the Francis II Rákóczi pilgrimage.

The best performing student groups consisting of 40 members and their accompanying teachers gathered in Lakitelek, and then they set out on a journey together to pay tribute to and garland the main sites of Francis II Rákóczi’s life.

The participants came from eight different cities including Balassagyarmat, Eger, Kalocsa, Mór, Nyíregyháza, Rimaszombat, Szentedre, and Budapest.

The pilgrimage came into being in March 2015, after the National Assembly decided to commemorate the Hungarian nobleman on his birthday each year.

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