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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has written to Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, complaining about statements made by EC vice-president Vera Jourova which “are offensive to Hungary and the Hungarian people”.

Orbán said that unless Jourova quits her post, Hungary would “suspend political relations” with her.

“Ever since joining the European Union in 2004, Hungary has been a committed member; we have always tried to reach an agreement when there is a dispute, and most often we’ve succeeded. We value the work of the president [Ursula von der Leyen] as head of the commission.”

Orbán added that Jourova had used “insulting language”, publicly calling Hungary a “sick democracy”, thereby insulting Hungarian EU citizens by implying there were unable to form an independent opinion.

“Not only are these statements an attack on the democratically elected Hungarian government … they are offensive to Hungary and the Hungarian people, too,” the prime minister wrote.

Jourova’s statements fall foul of the commission’s role declared in the Lisbon Treaty to be neutral and objective, he said.

“Those who breach the Treaty are incapable of acting as a protector of the rule of law and European values.

The commissioner’s statements are incompatible with her position, and she must resign. Until that happens, the Hungarian government will suspend bilateral political ties with Vera Jourova.”

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Ruling Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch told Hungarian journalists in Brussels that Jourova had launched an unexplainable and unacceptable attack against Hungary and she must leave her post. Lacking objective and impartial operation, she has become unsuitable for working as a member of the EC and fulfil her tasks, he added. Hungary most resolutely rejects any commissioner harshly attacking an EU member state, Deutsch said.


In response to a question, Deputy Chief Spokesperson of the EC Dana Spinant told a regular press conference on Tuesday that “President von der Leyen works closely with Vice President Jourova on the rule of law, and the vice president has the president’s full trust.”

“We have seen the letter from Prime Minister Orbán and, of course, we will reply to it,” Spinant said.


Anna Donáth, an MEP of opposition Momentum, told The Parliament Magazine’s website that it “makes no sense” for the Hungarian government to mount a “crusade” against Jourova.

“The issue here is Orbán,” she said.


Socialist MEP István Ujhelyi said in a video message that the Hungarian government was using its call for the EC vice-president’s resignation to divert attention from matters like the German EU presidency’s upcoming proposal regarding respect for the rule of law. The EU’s approval of that proposal would mean that it will “no longer sit idly by” as the government continues to “water down” Hungary’s democracy, he said.

Jobbik: Orbán to launch another fake freedom fight in an attempt to cover up failed crisis management

Press release: Hungarian People’s Party Jobbik is astounded that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, whose “crisis management” is failing both the healthcare system and the economy, is now launching yet another fake fight against the EU institutions in an attempt to divert attention from the failure of his government.

As it was reported earlier, the Fidesz government is now demanding nothing less than the resignation of the EU Commission vice president who worked on the report, and threatening to break off all contacts with her because Věra Jourová used an English pun and called Orbán’s truly sick and anti-democratic regime a “sick democracy”.

Viktor Orbán’s pretence to be offended is just a farcical act to conceal that Hungary, contrary to the Fidesz government’s success propaganda, is in crisis: unemployment is constantly on the rise, prices have skyrocketed and the Forint is falling while our healthcare system, education and public administration are unable to cope with the challenge of the pandemic.

Unlike the leaders of the neighbouring countries, Orbán maniacally clings to his power, which prevents him from admitting either the existence or the mismanagement of the crisis, let alone his own fault in the matter.

Revealingly enough, Orbán is reducing Hungarian foreign policy to a personal issue and another fake freedom fight right when the European Union is about to tie the distribution of member state funds to meeting certain rule of law requirements.

His motive for demanding the EU leaders to punish Věra Jourová is clear as day: it would allow him to claim bias and keep crying “Soros” when Hungary’s rule of law situation is, quite rightfully, put on the agenda again.

This is nothing more than the corrupt Orbán regime’s desperate compulsive flailing to stay in power.

The message of the people’s party Jobbik is that Orbán and his group are bound to fall and will be held to account.

MEP Márton Gyöngyösi, executive vice president, Jobbik

Source: MTI

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