Francis Fukuyama, politics, PM Orbán, Hungary
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One of the world’s greatest philosophers has many doubts about the future and wishes to know in advance what it would bring to the world. Fukuyama is an optimist because he does not see any alternative methods than liberalism and thinks that PM Orbán has serious problems with his illiberal democracy.

According to, the American political scientist and philosopher gave an exciting and detailed interview to El País about populism, the United States, Brexit, and Europe, expressing his honest opinion about the Hungarian political status and Viktor Orbán’s programme.

“I am not surprised about the direction in which Hungary and Poland decided to head.”

Fukuyama wrote several books during his career. The most famous one – The End of History and the Last Man – deals with the statement that after the communist regime ended, the battle between different ideologies to move forward in history came to an end, and during the era of the Cold War and after removing the Berlin Wall, the world welcomed the era of liberal democracy with the absolute victory of economic and political liberalism. Fukuyama stated several times that after his book was published – twenty-six years ago –, illiberalism started to conquer the United States, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Italy, and Hungary as well. Once, people wanted peace and wellbeing, but it turned out that the crowd wanted more.

Francis Fukuyama, Hungary, PM Orbán

Every time Fukuyama gives an interview, he receives one question constantly: What do you think about your 1992 book? And he answers with the same sentences: he mentioned two risky threats to the world; nationalism and religious conflicts. Now, what he is really surprised about is that Donald Trump was elected for president of the United States, and Brexit.

“On the other hand, I am not surprised about the situation in Poland and Hungary. Viktor Orbán has serious problems with his system considered to be an illiberal political system. I do not think that people would like to live in a similar country to China,” he adds.

Fukuyama also shares his opinion on the matter of migration. The scientist believes that Europe must create an identity where the colour of the skin and race are no longer matters of discussion.

“I am liberal and strongly believe that migration is good for the societies.”

The European Union must see the benefits of legal migration but have to avoid the negative consequences of illegal migration.

Democratic model in crisis in many states, says Fukuyama in Budapest

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons by Labraxa


  1. Who listens to him? I’ve never heard of him, nor do I care about some liberal shoving migration down the throats of sovereign nations.

  2. One of the world’s greatest philosophers?

    As a philosopher with Japanese heritage, he should first speak about his nonsense in Japan….. which by the way is 98.5% ethnic Japanese….a nation which truly lacks diversity!

    Why is it that only European nations must be diverse?

  3. What you don’t want to see simply doesn’t excist.
    And what thinks Mr. Fukuyama of the ‘treatment’ of his people during WWII? Many Dutch were killed by them and the word mercy doesn’t excist in te Japanese language. In that time Indonesia ‘belonged’ to Holland, like other European countries (France, Italy, Germany, Spain0 and UK) had some territories in the Far- and Middle East and Africa. I’m sorry Mr. Fukuyama but please keep your opinion for yourself.

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