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PM Orbán recently moved to the Karmelita Monastery with his cabinet, and this move cost approximately 30 billion HUF (88 million EUR), but this amount of money is still not the exact number.

Daily News Hungary reported before that the historical Karmelita Monastery at Buda Castle will get a new function in the future. It is going to be Viktor Orbán’s brand new workplace where he will continue to lead the country from January, along with his personal staff as well.

Népszava wrote that the moving of the Finance Ministry could cost even more money than expected. The ministry is moving to the Royal Palace of Buda’s Castle District, and so far, it required 21.8 billion HUF (64 million EUR) from taxpayers. In advance, this procedure could require another 26.2 billion HUF (77 million EUR). In 2016, the estimated amount of money was only the one mentioned before.

All in all, the moving of the ministry requires 47.5 billion HUF (140 million EUR).

The renovation of the old Royal Finance Ministry in the Castle District next to the iconic Matthias Church has been going on for years. Also, the old building is planned to be restored to its 1944 style where the Finance Ministry would be moved. Currently, there are 1,755 workers in the ministry, but the new building would be capable of only 800-1,000 people, with a 21st-century modern environment surrounded by 19th-century architecture. The building would house a library, restaurants, and a parking house as well.

According to the government’s plans, the Ministry of Interior is also going to be moved to the Castle District for taxpayers “great enthusiasm.”

From this year’s financial support, there is approximately 8.1 billion HUF left (24 million EUR), and next year, another 18.1 billion HUF (53 million EUR) is requested.

Opposition: New PM’s office ‘overpriced prestige investment’

The new premises of the Prime Minister’s Office in the Buda Castle District are an overpriced prestige investment and a display of lavish extravagance.



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