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Daily News Hungary

Brussels, March 7 (MTI) – The external borders of the European Union must be sealed and Hungary firmly rejects a direct relocation of migrants, the prime minister said before an EU-Turkey summit in Brussels on Monday.

Arriving at the summit, Viktor Orbán said “lawfulness must be restored, Schengen rules must be observed to the word”. Nobody should be allowed to enter Europe without permission and registration.

Orbán ruled out discussion on “any kind of direct relocation” of migrants from Turkey to Europe, and “definitely not to Hungary”. He said there is no chance that the Hungarian government would make any concessions on this issue.

Orbán added that the government considers “bringing (migrants) to Europe” a mistake.

“Because if we directly bring over migrants from Greece or Turkey, it is an invitation to dance, oil on the fire and will only result in more people coming,” he said.

Nothing should be done without sealing the borders, Orbán added.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

  1. “what happened with the ‘backup’ of V4 countries?”

    Who said anything happened to the V4 back-up?? Soldiers and Police are out from the V4 as required. As things step up they’ll be back, i hope with rubber bullets this time. If those illegal dicks want to throw rocks at them, they should be able to punch back with something painful.

    Orban is going to take care of his obligations to EU which ends at protecting the schengen border. Orban is going to take care of his people, whether abroad or on soil. Germany is going to take care of itself, not Orban. If Germany decides to send troops the Hungary’s schengen border to help in co-operation with Orban, then Orban may return the favour in ways you can’t imagine.

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