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Illegal migration has no winners, only beneficiaries, Gergely Gulyás, head of the Prime Minister’s Office, said in Budapest on Friday.

Addressing a conference organised by Mathias Corvinus Collegium, an institution engaged in talent promotion, Gulyás said that beneficiaries include the “philanthropic financier who is ready to lend money to promote migration which he tries to present as a fundamental human right”, the underworld profiting from human trafficking, and the political Left which tries to canvas new supporters by granting them refugee status and citizenship.

Mass migration without integration, however, does harm to the source countries which may lose whole generations, the migrants who are exposed to fatal dangers during their journey, and the recipient countries which have to cover the costs of futile integration efforts and the collapse of public security from taxpayer money, he said.

Gulyás said that some irresponsible decision makers challenge the right of European nations to pass decisions on issues that determine their future for the decades or centuries to come.

The past years have proven that migration is an inappropriate response to demographic challenges and labour shortages, he said.

Gulyás said that no one questions the duty of richer states to help the poorer ones but the form of such assistance is a matter of debates.

Hungary is proud of its involvement in peacekeeping missions and firmly believes help needs to be taken to where the trouble is, he said. As an example, he cited the Hungary Helps programme which directly addresses the concrete problems of local communities.

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  1. European Commission declares Marrakesh Immigration Pact binding. To say it simply: European citizens are once again being cheated by the pro-Brussels political parties and media. Independent blogs and sites immediately warned that the UN Migration Pact of Marrakesh – contrary to what was widely claimed – is indeed binding. The mass media then shouted ‘fake news!’ Together, because the Dutch government had a special statement in the pact that signing meant no legal rights for migrants. And now this appears to be being pushed aside by the omnipotent European Commission.
    The Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Karin Kneissl responded with surprise to a report from the Legal Service of the European Commission, which was published on 01.02.2019. Indeed, the document said that parts of the migration pact can indeed be declared binding. The proponents of the pact, led by almost the whole of established European politics, kept repeating at the end of 2018 and in January 2019 that Marrakesh is not binding and that those who claimed otherwise spread conspiracy theories. Yet the treaty was not signed by as many as 9 EU countries, including Austria and Hungary.
    The Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz explained at the time that his country refused this signature because there is no distinction in the Pact between refugees and economic asylum seekers and migrants. In other words: that anyone who wants to come to Europe can come. Last week, the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter Szijjártó accused the European Commission on the basis of a secret document that, according to the said legal service, the migration pact is mandatory for all member states, including those who have not signed. EU Member of Parliament for Vlaams Belang Gerolf Annemans confirmed this (2). We explained earlier that, although the pact is not binding because the Netherlands has signed it, it is binding because the Netherlands is an EU member and EU laws – with the cooperation and knowledge of The Hague – are placed above ours. This is done by the soft law, a tried and tested EU recipe for enforcing non-binding treaties through the commonly used back door of the European courts on the member states. Fellow MEP Harald Vilimsky, member of the Austrian freedom party FPÖ, responded in a press statement that Mr. Whiskey himself said that countries wishing to leave the migration pact did not read it. Vilimsky interpreted this as a serious threat: The Commission seems to be trying to split this pact with nasty tricks on the Member States. This procedure is unacceptable and must be rejected. It shows the importance of sending a clear signal to EU centralists in the European Elections (on 23.05.2019).
    The Marrakesh Immigration Pact, which should make Europe’s Islamic ‘Umvolkung’, as desired by the UN, Soros and EU, an irreversible fact within a few years, is one of the main reasons why many people voted for the Forum for Democracy on 20.03.2019 . Leader Thierry Baudet, (Forum for Democracy) like leader Geert Wilders (PVV) has been a fierce opponent of Marrakesh from the start. Their right has now been proven once again. The Dutch voter can take this umpteenth blatant breach of our democracy and selfdetermination by the EU and the crystalclear lies that were also and are being spread about it by Dutch politics and media by their votes on 23.05.2019, and the ladies and gentlemen in The Hague and Brussels once again saying that we no longer let the extradition of our country to an extreme left-wing group of globalists leave our side and want leaders who respect and put the wishes and interests of our people at the forefront, such as Viktor Orbán. And otherwise we may indeed have to resort to the last resort, to call with Thierry Baudet: ‘Nexit!’ And of course without additional taxes because the existing debts were not caused by the citizens!

    (1) Epoch Times
    (2) Doorbraak.be

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