Poland’s Supreme Court rejected legal challenges on Monday against the validity of the presidential elections filed by voters and opposition groups, and declared the results of the voting held on June 28 and July 12 as final.

The elections were won by incumbent President Andrzej Duda, also an ally of the ruling Law and Justice party who got 51 percent of the vote, in a runoff against Rafal Trzaskowski, the mayor of Warsaw and candidate of opposition group Civic Coalition (KO) who won 48.97 percent of the vote.

While the Supreme Court did see the ground for over 90 of almost 6,000 protests filed by voters and opposition groups, none of the irregularities influenced the final outcome, the top court ruled.

Protests were filed due to mail-in ballots not delivered in time to some voters abroad, active campaigning by government institutions on behalf of the incumbent, partiality of the public broadcaster TVP, as well as the circumstances surrounding the postponement of the elections originally scheduled for May 10.

Despite being marred by the COVID-19 pandemic, the turnout of the elections reached 68.12 percent, which is 0.08 percentage point short of the record set in 1995.

Trzaskowski, who ran as a moderate Christian Democrat, dominated among voters in urban areas. Duda drew record numbers of voters, primarily from the countryside.

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Source: Xinhua

  1. A sad day for women in Poland. It paves the way for the misogynistic neanderthals that are running Poland like a personal fiefdom to press ahead with the withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention, a pan european treaty aimed at preventing violence against women.

  2. Various ‘opposition groups’ in Poland – including Civic Coalition / supporters of LGBQTIs – were ‘unhappy’ with results of the recent presidential elections so off they went and lodged about 6,000 protests at the Polish Supreme Court.

    “A’int fair” , “We was robbed” , “Bunch of homophobes” and so on it went.

    Guess what – in Poland (and Hungary) sense [together with justice] prevails.

    Enough of being told what to do or think or say by a bunch of unelected no-hopers who want Europe to be ‘taken over’ by poofie-woofies, licky-lickies, illegal (Muslim) migrants who will NEVER ‘integrate’ into European Judeo-Christian society – and other riff-raff.

    The Polish people have voted and it’s about time the ‘unhappy minority’ in Poland (like their counterparts in Hungary / elsewhere) accept that decision.

    Minorities can alway relocate to other parts of Europe where the majority share their crazy / perverted beliefs – assuming those countries haven’t already put up ‘NO VACANCY’ signs.

  3. For those uneducated experts, “SOLIDARITY POLAND” wants to withdraw from the so-called ‘Istanbul Convention’ because “provisions of the Convention are hostile to the Church and the traditional family as well as ideological in defining gender as a cultural and social rather than biological phenomenon”.

    For the record, Poland’s legislation on domestic violence (within Poland) is far ahead of most countries.

    Boys should be boys, girls should be girls and everything else – including boys WITH boys / girls WITH girls – is nothing but sexual perversion.

    Just ask the majority of Bulgarians, Czechs, Hungarians, Poles, Slovaks and Ukrainians.


  4. 48.8% of the vote was not for the neo facist Dud(a). He won by the slimmest of majorities by courting the vote of the less educated and predominantly older, rural communities – the hill-billy voters. If Poland does not want to accept European values, then it should pack its begging bowls away, stop being a parasite on the western EU members (the paymasters) and go back to being an outpost of Russia. Poland is no longer a welcome.

  5. The real ‘E.U. beggars’ are – in fact – France / Germany / Greece / Italy / Portugal / Spain.

    Most of these countries will be receiving the ‘lion’s share’ of E.U. ‘rescue’ funds – as non-repayable FREE GRANTS – to bail out their obsolete societies with huge welfare components that now support millions of totally useless Muslim ‘refugees’ and decadent sexual perverts.

    If accepting ‘European values’ – such as forced immigration of the Muslim locusts and recognition / glorification of perverted LGBQTI communities (the ‘diaspora’ of poofie-woofies and licky-lickies in Brussels) – is a necessary condition for receiving E.U. funds, then the parliaments of not only Poland but also Hungary / the Czech Republic and Slovakia will vote against the E.U. ‘rescue package’ and the ‘E.U. beggars’ can just keep on begging.

  6. If you think that the tail can wag the dog, dream on dreamer. It is a shame that Sigmund Freud is no longer alive – he would have a field day with you. The (nutter) doth protesteth too much, methinks!

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