police catch drug dealers
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From the little fish to the big ones. This is what the Communications Services of the National Police Headquarters said.

The Drug Crime Department of the National Investigation Bureau is investigating a 59-year-old man for drug dealing. According to investigators, he has been dealing with drugs regularly out of a home in the 7th district, mainly cocaine, reported 24.hu.

The police first caught the buyers. A 44-year-old man, after he spent a few minutes in the dealers home on May 14. They found a slight amount of cocaine on him. The other customer was caught on June 21; the 53-year-old man was in possession of white powder – presumably cocaine – wrapped in tin foil.


To catch the dealer, the police organised a coordinated action on July 9. They found him in front of a grocery store.

In the home in Erzsébetváros – according to the initial tests – the police confiscated cocaine, and tools used to distribute drugs, such as digital scale, zip lock bags, and the substance used for dilution.

The 59-year-old man was questioned as a suspect. The Police Headquarters of Budapest are prosecuting the two customers for drug possession. The National Investigation Bureau is continuing the investigation with the help of experts.

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Source: https://24.hu/

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