Budapest, September 6 (MTI) – Road and rail traffic is now running uninterrupted as migrants continue to board trains heading westward, Tibor Lakatos, a senior of the National Police Headquarters, told a press conference on Sunday.

Police are in constant contact with railway company MAV, Lakatos said, adding that Hungarian, Austrian and German police officers are running joint patrols on trains travelling from the Keleti railway station to Austria.

He said both the entrance of Keleti station and the underpass had been mostly cleared. Lakatos said that 300 to 350 migrants are currently waiting to board international trains.

Arpad Szep, director for refugee affairs of Hungary’s immigration office, said 1,443 asylum applications had been registered by 5pm on Sunday and that there are 3,049 migrants at reception centres. Asked by MTI how many migrants had left Hungary since thousands were taken to the Austrian border by buses and left Hungary in the early hours on Saturday, Lakatos said police had no such information.

Asked if the police were ready for a potential situation in which Austria would no longer allow the unimpeded inflow of migrants into the country, Lakatos said such a development would “not affect” the work of Hungary’s police forces, who he said would continue to carry out their duties in a professional and law-abiding manner.

Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann on Sunday said it would soon be time to phase out emergency measures allowing the unrestricted inflow of migrants into Austria and Germany.

Photo: MTI


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  1. It is incredible how these people are allowed to do whatever they want in the name of “assilum”. They invade the country and cry tthat they are being victimised. They don’t give respect to the law or the people where they enter and are demanding and aggressive towards the country unless they get what they want!
    It’s outrageous that they can’t be stopped!

    All we have to look at is what is happening where they came from!
    Is Europe allowing itself to become Muslim in the next generation?
    This is going to be a child’s play for them once they are in the majority! That’s for sure! They multiply 5-6 times faster than the Europeans .!
    They have a totally different value system-if there is one ! ; other than their religion-they don’t respect woman, they use them for the mans purpose of multiplying their species!
    The german civil population is shut-up by the politician who wants to be politically correct so the world forgets what happend in the IIWW, because if they did anything different that would be brought up again against them!
    Did the Germans want to live viththin a Muslim community! NO!
    Do the Austrians? NO!
    No one want to be called raisist !: , but do these so called refugees-illegal-migrants-
    want to live under the law of Christian values and laws? Will they respect the people, woman and their rights under European law?

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