Budapest, September 16 (MTI) – The Hungarian police stopped a crowd of migrants which broke through the gate at a crossing point of the Röszke-Horgos station on the border between Hungary and Serbia, on Wednesday.

Earlier, the police used tear gas and water-cannons against the aggressive crowd, numbering several hundred people, after they threw stones, bottles, and burning torches at the officers. MTI’s on-site correspondent said that the migrants had “besieged” one of the crossing points at the facility.

The migrants set fire to rubber tyres, after which the area was covered in thick, black smoke. They also climbed on the roofs of small buildings and continued to throw objects at the police.

The police put into action a significant number of officers, including members of the counter-terrorism force. Police and army helicopters were patrolling the area.

MTI’s correspondent saw thousands of migrants, including women and children, setting up a camp along the road to the crossing point.


Meanwhile, the Serbian government’s social affairs minister firmly protested against the Hungarian police’s using water-cannons against the migrants.

Aleksandar Vulin insisted that the water-cannon impacted Serbian territory. He also voiced sympathy with the migrants’ disappointment, which he associated with Hungary’s closing of the border.

Meanwhile, groups of migrants including women and children left Horgos and set off in the direction of Croatia.

Photo: MTI


  1. Dear Hungarians,

    When I see how you protect Hungary, I am so proud that my grand-father was born in the Great Hungary !!!
    Defend the Country and the Christianity against these pagans ! You are the only ones who have the courage to say something and to act in a weak Europe. I know very well these kind of “migrants”: they never work and their women will make children every year living from wellfare and unemployment benefits… We have here in Canada milions of these and they are a pain. I am sure that if they don’t like something in Germany, Sweeden, Denmark, etc., you will see them throwing stones, like you can see them in Palestina, or in Liban… Is this Europe ??

    Protect the borders and wake-up the Europe to act like you !!! The civilization of the christian Europe should be defended now and always !!!!!!!!!!!

    Canada is with you !!!!!



    Thanks Hungary! Send them back and try to make other do the same.

  3. Keep Hungary safe from those that do not wish to work or embrace the culture and laws. If they disobey the laws or besmirch the culture ..send them back to where they came from. Enough of this bullshit. It is time for our culture to remain unscathed. They come to our countries and demand we embrace their culture. If they love their culture so much why did they leave their own country. Is this really about war or is it about invading other countries to conquer from within. I am beginning to think the later is the truth.

  4. Thank God, that one country in Europe, can see what these “refugees” really are > deranged Muslims terrorists, hell bent on destroying everything that Western civilization holds dear > freedom, tolerance, peace. Send the vermin back to whatever desert shithole they crawled out of.

  5. To people of Hungary do’nt believe the left wing media’s lies ,the people of England are with you. Defend your country from this ghastly mob of pedophiles,rapists and terrorists. Long Live Hungary

  6. Interesting how the average citizen of Central European countries can see the truth and threat from this migration, yet the “elite” running the E.U. and U.N. are blinded by their egos.. This is very similar to the Ottoman invasion. While the rest of Europe were living it up through the Renaissance, Central and Southern Europe had to deal with the muslim onslaught for hundreds of years and acting as a bastion to protect Christianity and the many cultures of Europe. Thanks, Germany, France, the E.U. and U.N. for turning your backs, again!

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