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Budapest, November 21 (MTI) – Support for ruling party Fidesz has waned over the past month while the proportion of waverers in the electorate has grown, according to a November survey pollster Ipsos released today.

The camp of Fidesz faithful fell from 35 percent of all voters at the start of October to 30 percent at the beginning of November. The opposition, however, did little to capitalise on the ruling party’s loss. The Socialist Party lost a percentage point with support of 11 percent while radical nationalist party Jobbik gained a point to reach 13 percent. Green party LMP also added a point to stand at 4 percent, while the leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) and E-PM could count on 2 percent each.

Among decided voters, Fidesz had the backing of 48 percent, having lost the support of 7 percent in a month. Still, it maintained a towering lead over the opposition parties. Jobbik had the largest active support with 21 percent, followed by the Socialists on 15 percent, LMP with 6 percent and E-PM and DK with 2 percent, respectively.

“Party preference changes were triggered by the local elections and protests over the past few weeks” but largely to the detriment of Fidesz, Ipsos said in its report. Voters who choose to keep their distance from political parties subsequently grew, it added.

It added that voters moving away from the governing party were mainly young people, middle-aged and middle-class.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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