Érd, 2018. október 24. Régészek fémdetektorokkal az érdi Duna-parton 2018. október 24-én. Ezen a helyen nagy mennyiségû pénzérmét, fegyvereket, használati tárgyak maradványait tárták fel a szentendrei Ferenczy Múzeumi Centrum (FMC) munkatársai. A leletegyüttes egy 18. század közepén elsüllyedt hajóról kerülhetett a folyóba. MTI/Mónus Márton

Coins, weapons and articles of personal use were found by the archaeologists of Ferenczy Museum in Szentendre, on the Danube’s coast. According to the museum, these items come from an 18th-century shipwreck which hadn’t been found yet.

According to 24.hu, a hobby-archaeologist found an old bell on the Danube’s coast with a metal detector and immediately informed the museum. The bell was easy to find due to the Danube’s low water level. Gábor Gulyás, the director of the institute, reported that the museum’s archaeologists examined the artefact and stated that the bell, which has a picture of Saint George on its side, comes from the 18th century.

The archaeologists found thousands of coins on the first day of the excavation. Most of the coins are Hungarian, but some of them are from Western-European countries like Germany, the medieval Low Lands and the Papal States. An interesting yet strange fact is that no Balkan coins were found.

“The newest coin is from 1745, the dynasty of Maria Theresa. This is also strong evidence that the ship sank in the 18th century. Not only coins but weapons like swords, knives, spears and cannonballs were found.” – reported the director.

Photo: MTI by Márton Mónus

The location of the shipwreck is still unknown. The museum would like to find the lost wreck with drones.

“We found something which looks like the shipwreck, but it is not clear yet. Attila János Tóth, who is also one of the museum’s archaeologists and scuba-divers, will examine it next Wednesday. If it is the wreck, then we will do our best to bring it to the surface, but we will have to hurry because the Danube’s water level will rise again.” – emphasized the director.

The director stated that the lost artefacts are invaluably precious and, with the thousand found coins, the museum will have Hungary’s second finest coin collection, besides the Hungarian National Museum. The found artefacts will be restored and exhibited in the museum.

Precious artefacts found in the Danube
Photo: MTI
Precious artefacts found in the Danube
Photo: MTI

Featured image: MTI by Márton Mónus

Source: 24.hu

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