FINA-Budapest2017, Dagály photo: Péter Molnár

On January 17, the Budapest 2017 Organising Committee gave a presentation on the current state of the World Championships’ preparations at the FINA Executive’s meeting in Lausanne.

The briefing was presented by Ms. Éva Szántó, Executive Director of the Organising Committee – this time Co-chairman Tamás Gyárfás was listening as part of the audience, acting in his role as FINA Vice-president and member of the Executive.

Among the topics introduced by Executive Director Szántó were the progress, state and exact plans of the 17th FINA World Championships’ venues.

The FINA Executive was really impressed by the photos recently taken at the Dagály Aquatics Complex, showing the breathtaking speed of the construction and the readiness of the venue, as well as by the images showcasing the locations of the synchronised swimming competitions in the City Park (Városliget) and the open water swimming in Balatonfüred.

Thanks to the successful arrangements of the past months, a sufficient number of hotel capacity to high standards await all participants, guests and visitors of the World Championships in July, despite the dates’ high frequency due to the main tourist season and other busy events, such as the Formula 1 race weekend.

To wrap up the presentation, the Budapest 2017 Organising Committee’s Executive Director gave an overview to the leaders of FINA on ticket sales. As Ms. Szántó highlighted, the last time tickets were sold in such a great amount directly after the opening was in 2009 when the world-famous rock band Metallica gave a concert in Hungary. On top of this unprecedented popularity, the OC has been glad to note that so far 20% of the tickets were bought internationally.

Photo: Péter Molnár

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