On Sunday, Christmas is coming, so you have only a few days to get the missing presents and finish your to-do list before the holidays. Funzine.hu collected a few programmes for the weekend.

Advent Fair in Szentendre till the 7th of January

The Szentendre Advent Fair is not only the perfect place for finding presents, but it can be the location for drinking a nice cup of mulled wine or hot tea with friends.

Advent Fair at the Bazilika until the 1st of January

Visit the Bazilika Fair with your friends or family to see how Szent István tér transforms into a 3D outdoor cinema. This year four laser projectors will project the Christmas tale to the fronting of the Bazilika. This is a new

visual experience you have never seen before.

Photo: www.facebook.com/AdventiÜnnepaBazilikánál

StreedFood XMAS on Erzsébet tér until the 1st of January

Christmas street food festival on Erzsébet tér, where trucks and containers line up with delicious winter snacks, street kitchens and hot beverages. Every day between 10.00 am and 10.00 pm there are lights and gastronomic specialities in the heart of the city centre. There is also a free entry.

MyMuseum Christmas – MyMuseum – 17:00

Fantastic atmosphere, many print and digital frames and mulled wine make the first Christmas of MyMuseum unforgettable. Friendly prices can be expected!

Gingerbread city. Communal art in the Bálna till the 27th of January

The contemporary gingerbread statue of Budapest opens its gates on the 21st of December at 11.00 am. The entry is free.

Ice-skating above the city on the top of Hotel President, 25th December, 4:00 pm

On the top of Hotel President, the tallest sky terrace of the town the coolest winter programme has opened: ice-skating on top of the city! Guests are expected

with 360°panoramic view, hot beverages, Dampfnudel and the true Christmas spirit.

Photo: www.facebook.com/hotelpresident/photos

Spice Girls VS Backstreet Boys – Fröccsterasz – 22:00

A real nostalgic party with dancing on tables and screaming, do not miss out on this huge event. Besides the two classics, many retro songs can be heard on this party.

Budapest Advent 25th December 5:00 pm

The Light tram operates with regular fares for the seventh year during the Christmas season. There is a seasonal decoration inside, and there are 3500 metres of light bulbs on the outside.

Budapest Boulevard Cinema presents Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Art + Cinema – December 26. 20:00

Star Wars: The Last Jedi: the Skywalker saga continues. You can watch this movie in the original language, with Hungarian subtitles.

Source: funzine.hu

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