According to, local residents set on tents in the site of the planned reception center, in the former military shooting range at the border of Martonfa, Baranya County on Sunday. According to the government decree published on Official Gazette on July 31, temporary reception center is planned to accommodate illegal immigrants. The other reception center is planned to be built at the borders of Sormas, Zala County.

Attila Andras Bosnyak, Mayor of Martonfa addressed an open letter to the government against the construction of the reception center, in which he asks, among other things, how they intend to take care of the refugees in the area without established infrastructure, where is no drinking water supply, sanitation facilities, electricity and heating. However, if the infrastructure construction can be solved, how much would it cost the taxpayers? – the mayor asked, who finally invites the deciding politicians to the public forum.

Opposition parties’ replies to the news accurately reflect the contradictory situation.

Jobbik, which is trying to outbid the refugee issue of Fidesz from right, immediately protested against the plans of the two new camps. Krisztian Berta, chairman of the party’s Nagykanizsa organization said, Jobbik supports the public “for the purpose of any legitimate means by which they intend to prevent the construction of the refugee camp”.

The Socialist Party (MSZP) – which represents a subdued, but pro-immigration stance – issued a strange and divisive theory. Balazs Gora, the party’s vice president of Zala County said at his press conference on Monday that the government wants to divert migrants to the west from the Hungarian-Serbian border, that’s why there’s a need for establishing new refugee camps in Baranya and Zala. According to Gora, the plans make “no other logical sense”. He added: the MSZP has been calling for months to strengthen the borders and establish camps along the route of the migrants which would help the administration and the medical care of the refugees.

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