According to BKK, the new system will start on May 13. After that day, to buy a ticket one will need a pictured ID. Additionally, there will be a new BKK client card, which will contain up to four ID numbers, enough to buy passes for a whole family.

A new ticket printing system will be introduced as well. Tickets will be printed on special paper to make ticket forging more difficult. Instead of the old, various tickets with very colours everything will printed on the same paper. This not only makes forging harder but it also will be cheaper.

At BKK desks, where the new system is operating, the passes will be printed on the new paper along with the ID. If, however, the printing is not yet in operation the salesperson will give a BKK client card with the ID number to the customer.

Almost every kind of pictured ID will suffice for pass buying, for example personal ID, student ID or driving licence.


To the concerns that this new process is against data security, Dávid Vitézy, director of BKK said to that it is completely legal. He stressed out that a pictured BKK ID is still in use. He also praised the opportunities of the new BKK client card: as it can contain 4 ID numbers, it can be used to buy multiple tickets at once. Additionally, there will be a card with QR codes for those who buy tickets with receipt with VAT. That card will make the whole process faster.

At the beginning, there were some issues with the newly printed line tickets as they were too broad for the validation machines. Vitézy admitted it and said that the problem was solved in the meantime.

by Oliver Tamasi

Photo: MTI


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