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Budapest, February 23 (MTI) – Public workers’ net monthly wage remains just under 52,000 forints (EUR 170) this year, which is 22,000 forints less than the minimum wage, daily Magyar Nemzet said on Tuesday.

The gross monthly wage of public workers will be 79,155 forints, unchanged from last year, the paper said citing information from the interior ministry. In jobs that require a secondary school vocational qualification, public workers will get 101,480 forints, also unchanged from last year. As a result, their net monthly wage will be 51,847 forints and 66,469 forints, respectively.

The difference between the minimum wage and public worker’s wage is now larger than ever, the paper said. This year, the minimum wage has increased to monthly 111,000 forints. The difference between the gross monthly minimum wage and public workers’ wage was 21,000 forints in 2011 and it is now 31,745 forints, the paper added.



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