Queen Elizabeth II awards chosen people to bear special titles each year. This New Year’s she has chosen Hungarian Holocaust survivors among actors, politicians and musicians.

These royal honours are given out twice a year; on the “official” birthday of the Queen in June and at New Year’s Eve, reports Index.

The list of acknowledgements consists of 1097 people, and 51% of them are women. The majority of them, 72% received their title for their work in local communities.

Elisabeth II
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John Paul Hajdu is among the recipients who is an 82-year-old survivor of the Holocaust from Hungary.

He was born in Budapest as János Hajdu and immigrated to England in 1956. He received the MBE title which means he is the Member of the Order of the British Empire from now on.

Queen Elizabeth II noted that Hajdu received the esteemed title for his work in preserving the memory of Holocaust victims and educating about the horrors of the Holocaust. Hajdu is a member of the Holocaust Educational Trust in London.

Another recipient is Eva Neumann, a Hungarian survivor of Auschwitz and currently lives in Manchester.

She received the title of MBE as well for her efforts in educating about the history of the Holocaust.

Many others on the list received their awards for their work connecting to the same activities.

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Along with them, many well-known people are honoured this New Year’s Eve. Like Olivia Newton-John who receives the title of Dame or Sir Elton John is now a member of the Order of the Companions of Honour. This order was established more than a century ago and can only have 65 members, including the current monarch.

Iain Duncan Smith received the title of Sir while the youngest on the list is Ibrahim Yousaf, a 13-year-old who receives a British Empire Medal for his various charity works in Manchester.

Source: index.hu

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