Budapest (MTI) – The campaign preceding the government’s referendum on the European Union’s migrant quota system, set for October 2, officially started on Saturday.

Under Hungary’s election law, the campaign starts 50 days before the actual vote and closes with the polls on the day of the referendum.

In the campaign period, all political parties with a parliamentary group can put out posters, distribute leaflets or other information without any special permit, however, the source of the information must be indicated. Placing posters on buildings, however, requires the owner’s permission, and no posters are allowed on or inside buildings of state or municipal authorities. Posters must not be placed over the posters of other parties or those of the government.

Under the latest amendments to the election law, there is no campaign silence, however, on the day of the vote no campaigning is allowed within 150 metres of the polling stations.

In the referendum, Hungary’s voters will be asked:

“Do you want to allow the European Union to mandate the resettlement of non-Hungarian citizens to Hungary without the approval of parliament?”

The referendum plan was announced by the prime minister on February 24. The reason given by the government was that “only Hungarians rather than Brussels can decide who they want to live together with in their own country”.

Source: MTI

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