Recently Budapest has been recommended by many journals and travel websites. Now it is voted best city in Europe and the second in the world– sharing this position with Florence.

CN Travel published the list of”Top cities in the world” and”Top cities in Europe”. Both rankings show the result of a survey made by CN Travel among its readers. In the list of ”Top cities of the world” Budapest and Florence tied for the first place meanwhile they are the second best rated cities in the world. Like a top city in Europe, the Hungarian capital scored in total 83.8; for culture 94.2, friendliness 82.5, atmosphere 89.4, lodging 83 and shopping 70.7. You can check out both lists:

Top cities in the world

1. San Miguel de Allende
2. Budapest
2. Florence
4. Salzburg
5. Charleston
5. San Sebastian
7. Vienna
8. Rome
9. Siena
10. Québec City
11. Burges
11. Cape Town
13. Vancouver
14. Kyoto
15. Kraków
15. Prague
17. Victoria
17. Santa Fe
17. Sydney
20. Seville
21. Beirut
22. Melbourne
22. Paris
24. Barcelona
24. Venice

Top cities in Europe

1. Budapest
1. Florence
3. Salzburg
4. San Sebastián
5. Vienna
6. Rome
7. Siena
8. Burges
9. Kraków
9. Prague

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