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For the past few years F1 racing fans have been treated to season after season of Mercedes dominating all aspects of Formula 1 racing. Betting odds lists usually have the Lewis Hamilton led team as perennial favorites to smoke out any and all competition around. Even with the upcoming season having Mercedes as the team to beat, times of change are beginning to be felt and there’s one team in specific where these winds of cautious optimism are being felt stronger and stronger, Red Bull Racing. 

With the key addition of Mexican driver Sergio “Checo” Perez to race alongside Max Verstappen and some definitive upgrades to their cars engines and structure this season could give RBR fans some new found hope and even a chance for celebration. Here are some reasons why Red Bull Racing fans should be gearing up for what could be a great turn around season for their team.

No Room For Sluggish Starts

It has become apparent for all teams, including Red Bull Racing that the past few seasons has been a race to catch up to Mercedes instead of giving them heat from the beginning. This year F1 fans could be seeing a new strategy put in hand by RBR, especially with the fact that F1’s new regulations will be put into play until the 2022 season, not the 2021 season. This will come as an unspoken advantage for teams as they will be able to still compete with last season’s cars which include key performance parts like the chassis and motor designs. All this comes as an assist from F1 to teams to help coping with the COVID-19 pandemic and all it brought.

With Red Bull not having to start over design wise, being able to keep their RB16 design this should definitely help close the gap with Mercedes, something already happening towards the end of the 2020 season. Having a competitive car from the get go with the possibilities of improvement towards the second half of the season will surely help the team give Mercedes a true run for their standings.

“Checo” Perez Might Be The Clue For Verstappen’s Success

Just like in any other sports, snatching up key players to improve your team’s performance is of the upmost importance. With that said Red Bull Racing being able to snatch Mexican driver Sergio Perez can definitely be considered the best off season move anyone in F1 could do. Perez has been seen as the king of the midfield in F1 racing with some signs of breaking out every now and again. But now by putting him next to Max Verstappen, things will definitely be changing for a positive come the new season. 

The last two years RBR suffered from having inexperienced drivers having to play second fiddle to Verstappen but now with Perez on board the dynamics will definitely change. Verstappen now will have a partner who will constantly keep him on his toes which means that RBR can definitely be seeing Mercedes eye to eye come race time. You know that RBR did the best move by signing Perez if even Lewis Hamilton has come out to acknowledge the move and predict a battle for the top.

Momentum For Verstappen Will Continue To Grow

If Max Verstappen hasn’t shown already that he is more than ready to mount up a proper run for the title, then this year will definitely be his year to do so. Last season already saw Verstappen take one pole position, 11 podiums and two wins, all while his former racing partner, Alex Albon only managed to take two podiums. Verstappen has all the tools necessary to be the next F1 champion, or at least give Lewis Hamilton a very real scare at the top all while cementing his status and future prospects.

Red Bull Racing as basically everyone else in Formula 1 knows that there’s only one key missing in order for the Dutch driver to make it to the top. The key is giving him the proper car to be able to do so and given the fact that RBR will come with one of the best if not the best all-around car in F1 then hoping for success is now an unwritten responsibility.

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