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Hungary’s committee in charge of major memorial sites on Friday gave its preliminary consent to the reconstruction of Vértanúk tere (Martyrs’ Square) near Parliament, involving the relocation of a memorial of Imre Nagy, Hungary’s prime minister during the 1956 revolution, the chief coordinator of the project told MTI.

The square was originally named after a post-WWI memorial dedicated to the hundreds of innocent victims executed during the communist Red Terror in 1919. That monument, demolished in 1945, will now be authentically reconstructed on the basis of contemporary photographs and documents, Tamás Wachsler said.

In 1998 the square was renovated, plans were made by Anikó Andor and József Finta. At this time Tamás Varga’s statue of Imre Nagy was placed on a small river crossing the basin. Special plants are also here: beautiful evergreen and colorful foliage shrub bands and old japavaats.

In the meantime, the memorial of Imre Nagy, who was executed two years after the revolution had been crushed, will be relocated to nearby Jászai Mari Square, at the Pest head of Margaret Bridge, he said.

Martyrs’ Square will be turned into a pedestrian zone, he said.

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Source: mti

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