Budapest, 2016. szeptember 25. A Modern Magyarország Mozgalom (MoMa) a kvótareferendummal kapcsolatban tartott rendezvénye a Kossuth téren 2016. szeptember 25-én. Október 2-án lesz a nem magyar állampolgárok Magyarországra történõ kötelezõ betelepítésével kapcsolatban kiírt népszavazás (kvótareferendum). MTI Fotó: Bruzák Noémi

Budapest (MTI) – Former finance minister and leader of the non-parliamentary MoMa party Lajos Bokros addressed a demonstration on the square in front of parliament on Sunday, campaigning for an invalid vote or staying away from the Oct. 2. EU quota referendum.

The referendum aims to divert Hungary’s attention from a “corrupt governing power”, the failures of education and health-care and an authoritarian leadership, Bokros said. He said xenophobia will lead to “the demise of the Hungarian nation”, adding that “a respectable person should not answer a despicable question.”

Ruling Fidesz group spokesman János Halász said people who protest and call for boycotting the Oct. 2 referendum actually want to say ‘yes’ to forced settlement but do not dare to openly say this. Just a week before the referendum, the opposition are still “sneaking, protesting and practicing party politics” while they are “unable to comprehend” that Hungary’s future is at stake.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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