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The new, reformed National Tax and Customs Administration will be launched as early as January 1, 2016, said PM Viktor Orbán during a closed government meeting in August. According to an anonymous source who was present at the meeting, the NTCA will either be a state secretariat or it will be part of the government agency.

If the NTCA will be a state secretariat then the Ministry of National Economy will continue monitoring it, but if it becomes part of the government agency, it will be overseen by the Prime Minister’s Office, currently led by János Lázár.

According to several politicians, it is unnecessary to spend so much extra money on the NTCA as 80% of incoming taxes is “problem free”, and the remaining 20% should get all the spare attention. They say that it would be best and cheapest if the NTCA was part of the government agency.

However, NTCA will most possibly continue to be part of the Ministry for National Economy. It is currently led by Mihály Varga, who aims to form a state secretariat within the ministry.

Mihány Varga said that András Tállai (representative of Mezőkövesd and possible president candidate for NTCA) will continue to work for the agency. It means that although he will not become the president of NTCA, he will still be able to wield influence over it as deputy minister.

János Lázár told nol.hu that Tállai is an excellent tax expert, and he has no doubt that Tállai will be an important asset in overseeing the NTCA as secretary of state and deputy minister.

Mihály Varga is expected to submit his proposals to the Prime Minister about the NTCA reforms by 20 September.

based on an article of nol.hu
translated by Adrienn Sain

Source: nol.hu

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