The renovation of the Museum of Fine Arts photo: MTI reported that by the end of 2017 the renovation of the Museum of Fine Arts could be ready. The works of art can be seen again in the autumn of 2018, when the renovated building will be reopened.

The reconstruction of the Roman hall that has been used as a store for 70 years and was closed off from visitors because of war damage is a central element of the renovation within the frame of Liget Budapest Project, told László Baán Director General to

museum of fine arts

In the hall, underfloor heating and air conditioning are going to be constructed, while the monument-reconstructions are also going to be carried out. The chief engineer also told that the Roman hall, together with the Renaissance and Baroque halls, is going to be available again through the Freiburg Gate. The director general underlined that, in the frame of an investment of almost 100 billion forints, the heating system is going to be modernized, the accessibility is going to be completely carried out, part of the exhibition rooms are going to be air-conditioned, furthermore, new exhibition rooms and other rooms for visitors, modern restorer workshops and stores are going to be developed. He added that a new goods lift is going to be installed, solar cells and solar collectors are going to be placed on the renovated, insulated roof; moreover, modern corridors are also going to be built for the carrying of the works of art.

photo: MTI

14,000 square meters (40% of the basic area of the museum) are going to be involved in the renovation. Thanks to the investment, with the Roman hall, the size of the exhibition rooms is going to be 2000 square metre larger. Many exhibition rooms only used for storing are going to regain their original function, for example, the Michelangelo hall, where accounting was given place in the 70s, reported.


According to the director general, not only the size of the exhibition rooms is going to grow, but the building is also going to serve visitors better: the Egyptian collection is going to be replaced, and a restaurant will be opened in its place. The size of cloakrooms is going to be significantly bigger, and there is going to be larger space for museum pedagogy as well.

From the autumn of 2018, the building is going to be home to a permanent exhibition of the collection the Museum of Fine Arts and the Hungarian National Gallery originating before the 19th century, told.

Photos: MTI, Wikipedia Commons

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  1. Dear Szilvia,

    I enjoyed your post. I have just recognised a small mistake. That is, it is not the Freiburg Gate the so-called halls going to be available through, but the Freiberger Dom’s portal. A few weaks ago I had the opputunity to visit the museum under construction and the engineer told the visitors, the story of the portal. He included that the original structure have been reconstructed after war damage based on the replica stands in the Museum of Fine Arts.

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