Keleti railway station
Photo: MTI

One of the main railway stations in Budapest has completed an overhaul unparalleled in past decades, which included changing an astonishing 716 metres worth of tracks and up to 1200 metres of track bed.


As reports, passenger traffic has restarted this Monday following its restoration that lasted two weeks. News was announced by the CEO of the Hungarian railway company, MÁV Zrt: Róbert Homoly informed the public that the railway station saw its largest and most complete renovation since the 1980’s. 

“The works done in these two weeks will help us in keeping schedule and will reduce reduce the occurrence of possible malfunctions”

Those were his words. For those interested in raw data, 

  • more than 4000 reinforced concrete subgrade
  • 600 sleepers
  • 716 metres of tracks
  • and 1200 metres of track bed were changed.

In addition to this, old lighting and plaques with passenger information were all replaced with more up to date versions.  

Homoly has added that future plans include the construction of new ticket offices (both for international and local travels) and a modern waiting room below ground level. They would also like to design the station completely step-free and accessible later on; a notion that would certainly make life easier for at least some portion of the 12 million passengers going through Keleti station annually. 

The renovation of various iconic buildings in Budapest has somewhat quickened in past years: you can see our reports here and here.



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