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Two years ago the Paris Court was closed for renovation, and it seems that the finishing touches are now being applied. The Paris Court Hotel Budapest will reopen soon as part of The Unbound Collection by Hyatt brand.

Turizmus reports that the renovation works of the historic Paris Court in Budapest have finally come to the last phase and with that, Mellow Mood Hotels has announced a new hotel project.

Mellow Mood Hotels has not seen a day without an ongoing hotel project, writes the tourism website. Now, they have announced that they are about to commence a new project involving the designing of a hotel with 180 rooms and lots of room for conferences. The hotel will be built in Paulay Ede Street in the 6th district.

However, the Paris Court Hotel Budapest might be the most significant out of all their projects, as the whole of Budapest is making sure everything runs smoothly, not just the tourism and hotel departments.

This development marks the return of Hyatt to Budapest, as the Paris Court Hotel Budapest will open as part of The Unbound Collection by Hyatt brand. The Unbound Collection focuses on the renovation of special and valuable historic buildings. As we wrote previously, the hotel will be the second European member of the chain.

Paris Court is one of the jewels of Budapest; it has been the subject of admiration for over a century now. The most iconic elements of it, like the shopping passageway, the glass cupola over the passage that looks like the sun is shining through it all the time or the Zsolnay ceramics are all kept and open for the public.

Since the original plans and records from archives are still available, the building – which was in poor shape – was reconstructed following these plans.

The following video gives us a tease of what the interior of this magnificent building under historic preservation will look like after the detailed renovation work is done by the restorers, allowing us to see for the first time the façade covered in 250 thousand pieces of Zsolnay ceramics and the glass surfaces designed by Miksa Róth.

featured image: Mellow Mood Hotels – YouTube

Source: turizmus.hu

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