Swimmer Dániel Gyurta

Attention Ladies, it’s now our time to lay our eyes on some of the most handsome sportsmen in the Hungarian Olympic Team. We have to admit that picking the sexiest men out of the delegation was a hard task as we have quite a lot good looking athletes. Nevertheless, here comes our subjective list, and, of course, as the saying goes: ‘no touching, only watching’. 😉

Áron Szilágyi (fencing)

We are convinced that whole Hungary fell in love with Áron Szilágyi and his mesmerising blue eyes after he won a gold medal at the London Olympic Games. He wasn’t generally known beforehand but he struck us all like a lightning. He is also a European and World Champion and carried the Hungarian flag so engagingly at the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympic Games that you couldn’t take your eyes off of him. At least if you are a women.

rio sexy szilágyi

Balázs Baji (athletics)

As we’ve reported a few weeks ago, Balázs Baji made us all happy when he won a silver medal at the Athletics European Championships in 110 metres hurdles. Besides his run his appearance is also exceptional and we are not surprised that he is the boyfriend of a beautiful Hungarian model. Get ready to root for the handsome athlete on the 16th of August.

rio sexy baji

Dániel Gyurta (swimming)

Well, what can we say? He always had a secure place on the list of the sexiest Hungarian sportsmen. The whole world has had several chances to admire his finely muscly build-up as he was swimming for success. With his Olympic gold, three World Championship and two European Championship gold medals, he is one of the most successful Hungarian swimmers. He grew up in front of our eyes as he was only 15 at the time of his first Olympic Games when he tore in with a silver medal and awed Hungary. We have good news: he also has a similarly handsome brother, Gergely.

rio sexy gyurta


Henrik Vasbányai and Róbert Mike (canoe)

Kayak-canoe is the third most successful Hungarian sport, we are fortunate enough to always have great talents. So we thought that we shouldn’t separate this winner duo, who definitely melt women’s hearts with their strapping looks and charming smiles. They are European and World Champions in C2 1000 m and are preparing to top their collection with an Olympic gold medal. The best of luck to them!

rio sexy vasbányai mike

Men’s water polo team

Okay, this is cheating, but it would impossible to highlight anyone from the Hungarian men’s water polo team. They are the ultimate eye candy as a team, who are adored by so many. The Hungarian water polo team is the world’s most successful with 9 Olympic golds, 3 World Championship golds and 12 European Championship gold medals. The current team is led by three time Olympic Champion Tibor Benedek who wants to, and has every chance to, make the team mighty again.

rio sexy water polo

Let our hearts beat together for the Hungarian boys (and girls of course) and don’t be shy to comment if you miss someone from the list!

Photos: www.facebook.com/SzilágyiÁron, BalázsBaji, DanielGyurtaOfficial, RóbertMike, VLV – A magyar férfi vízilabda-válogatott hivatalos oldala, MTI

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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