So the Rio Olympic Games came to end last Sunday. It was an eventful and quite successful Games for the Hungarian Olympic Team. In honour of the (h)unbelievable #teamHUN, let’s now summarise our results and take a look at the illustrious rankings Hungary has at aggregated medal tables.

According to the record of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, Hungary had won 168 gold, 148 silver and 170 bronze medals before Rio2016, out of which only two silvers and four bronze medals can be connected to Winter Olympic Games. We had high hopes after the magical results in London and these hopes weren’t for nothing: the Hungarian team came home from Rio with 8 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals, which add up to a total of 176 gold, 149 silver and 170 bronze all-time Olympic medals.

First of all, let’s see the list of our prides, the Olympic medalists and scorers from Rio:


  • Emese Szász, individual epee, fencing
  • Katinka Hosszú, 400 m medley, swimming
  • Katinka Hosszú, 100 m backstroke, swimming
  • Katinka Hosszú, 200 m medley, swimming
  • Áron Szilágyi, individual sabre, fencing
  • Gabriella Szabó & Danuta Kozák, K-2 500 m, kayak-canoe
  • Danuta Kozák, K-1 500 m, kayak-canoe
  • Gabriella Szabó & Danuta Kozák & Tamara Csipes & Krisztina Fazekas-Zur, K-4 500 m, kayak-canoe



  • Géza Imre, individual epee, fencing
  • Katinka Hosszú, 200 m backstroke, swimming
  • László Cseh, 100 m butterfly, swimming


  • Tamás Kenderesi, 200 m butterfly, swimming
  • Boglárka Kapás, 800 m freestyle, swimming
  • Anita Márton, shot put, athletics
  • Gábor Boczkó & Géza Imre & András Rédli & Péter Somfai, men’s team epee, fencing

4th place:

  • Boglárka Kapás, 400 m freestyle, swimming
  • Sándor Tótka & Péter Molnár, K-2 200 m, kayak-canoe
  • Women’s water polo team (Edina Gangl, Orsolya Kasó, Dóra Antal, Barbara Bujka, Dóra Csabai, Dóra Czigány, Krisztina Garda, Anna Illés, Rita Keszthelyi, Hanna Kisteleki, Gabriella Szűcs, Orsolya Takács, Ildikó Tóth)
  • Henrik Vasbányai & Róbert Mike, C-2 1000 m, kayak-canoe

5th place:

  • Péter Sidi, rifle, shooting
  • Miklós Ungvári, 73 kg judo
  • Péter Bácsi, 75 kg Greco-Roman wrestling
  • Viktor Lőrincz, 85 kg Greco-Roman wrestling
  • Men’s water polo team (Attila Decker, Viktor Nagy, Ádám Decker, Balázs Erdélyi, Balázs Hárai, Norbert Hosnyánszky, Gábor Kis, Krisztián Manhercz, Márton Szivós, Dániel Varga, Dénes Varga, Márton Vámos, Gergő Zalánki)

6th place:

  • Women’s 4×200 m freestyle relay, swimming (Zsuzsanna Jakabos, Ajna Késely, Boglárka Kapás, Katinka Hosszú)

All in all, we finished in the 12th place of the aggregated medal table in Rio, which is not bad at all, considering the size and population of Hungary. And if we look at the all-time aggregated medal table of Summer Olympic Games between 1896 and 2016 (in the order of the top 10 countries’ number of gold medals), we see that our small country of Hungary is still in the amazing 8th place, behind countries like the USA, Russia, Germany, U.K., France, China and Italy.

rio medal table

According to, there is a different medal table, in which Hungary is ranked in the 5th place. This table ranks countries based on the number of athletes one gold medal fell on. This number is about 19-20 in the Hungarian delegation, which puts us in the 5th place among countries with more than a hundred sportspeople entered in Rio and countries that won at least one gold medal.

The Hungarian results are also outstanding compared to the results of our neighbouring countries. If we also include the Czech Republic and Poland our delegation was only the third biggest, but we won the most gold medals by far.

If we look at the total point scored at the Rio Olympic Games we see that Hungary is in the 16th place with 110 point, 4 places further back compared to the medal table. This is just a little bit worse than London, where we finished in the 14th place by our points scored. However, these points can be accumulated in various ways as a gold medal is worth 7 points, silver 5, bronze 4, 4th place 3, 5th place 2 and 6th place 1 point.

Lastly, with our 495 medals won at Summer Olympic Games, Hungary is the most successful nation never to have organised Olympic Games. Maybe in 2024… 😉

Photos: MTI,,ú

Copy editor: bm

Source: Daily News Hungary

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